My Main Sport

by American Wolf

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Rodrigo de Sá
Rodrigo de Sá thumbnail
Rodrigo de Sá I've tried to not listen to the whole album from beginning till the end. Impossible. Favorite track: My Main Sport.
Alex Coy
Alex Coy thumbnail
Alex Coy Although, not quite as memorable as Myriad; this album moves in a different, but subtle direction with it's careful and methodical musical arrangement. The vocals are still as paramount as ever (especially on Aurora). Overall, I'm definitely loving the progression. I hope to have the opportunity to see these guys live some day! Favorite track: Aurora.
Dale Price
Dale Price thumbnail
Dale Price Dreamy and otherworldly, with more than a hint of Mew. Favorite track: Are You Listening?.
Tyler Mansmith
Tyler Mansmith thumbnail
Tyler Mansmith Another great American Wolf album. And just in time for fall. Favorite track: Evil Eyed.
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Piano by Ryan Moore
Lead Guitar by Hristo Mintchev
Drums by Joe Sherman
Bass by Ricky Georgen
Bass in "Cave Fantasy" and "Deep Web" by John Imburgia

Engineered by Dan Gleason at Holographic Studios in Barrington, IL

Album artwork by Kevin Moran

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released September 26, 2014



all rights reserved


American Wolf Chicago, Illinois


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Track Name: Our Weight
There, you see it
You never know when you wait
Lord, you feel it
You never know when you wait

Your Weight
Our Weight
Your Weight
Our Weight

Or am i weight on?
Track Name: May
May, you've lost all here
Carved in five cold years
May, moves awkward to me
Mourned in closed court to see

May, just in time

May, it's alright without you
Track Name: My Main Sport
hope in your eyes
came with surprise
gold shining light
hid in your lies

sold to a man
lived in his hands
fought for control
no i won't go

and i lay for
wake up here
my main sport
is plain fear

blame it on yourself, you won't

and i lay for
wake up here
my main sport
is playing
Track Name: Evil Eyed
love, you'll never know just what goes on
when you're dreaming all your life right to others
oh you evil eyed, you fear what you can't see
no you'll never find just what you are missing

lord my skin held me over
from the other side
enough what is easy?

oh you evil eyed catch on
make me colder
no ill never find the light
right when i say

and i will find you inside
you'll never know
Track Name: Cave Fantasy
and i roam
till my death
baked like a cake

and i loath
why exist?
you can deny your fear
you won't

cave fantasy

i take your breath
just like the wind

do i stay in my cave?

i take your breath
just like the wind
Track Name: Are You Listening?

are you listening?

growing, i am growing
growing, we are growing

are you listening?

it takes one to know one
cold enemies in this empty world

are you listening?
Track Name: Aurora
with bed i found how to fool
and with my hands ill heal what i could

no i won’t
if i pray
no i won’t go
it’s alright

once i heard i shook
like i should
and went my hunger
i broke into

no, i won’t
will i make?
no, i won’t
i’m cold

but it’s alright

go there, find me
im a runaway
if only, i could, i would
i’m a runaway
were floating
over pavement
i’m a runway
i mean it
packed and melted
im a runaway
i loved you like nobody else

where have i gone to for so long
where have i gone to for so long
where have i been for so long
where have you gone for awhile

don’t wait on me
I’m a runaway
so brightly
wonder burns out
im a runaway
you know it
slept tight on it
im a runaway
i see it
in my head
im a runaway
you pour me back into your life