by American Wolf

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We would like to thank our friends and family, the Gleason/Hanson family, Adam Hill, Chris Bauer, Mark Robinson, Ross Michael Jordan, Albert McCormick, Jeremiad Penghoul, Tiffany Imburgia, Troy Doliner, Mintcho Mintchev, Brittany Roskom, Teresa Cronin, and anyone who's ever come to see us, listened to or shared our music; we couldn't have made this without your love and support.


released January 22, 2013

Drums by Tim Mack except "phenomenon"
Drums in "phenomenon" by Joe Sherman
Keys by Chris Banaszak
Trumpet in "mahrz" by Sean Imburgia
Bass by John Imburgia
Lead Guitar by Hristo Mintchev

Engineered by Dan Gleason at Holographic Studios in Barrington, Illinois.

Album artwork by Kimberly Turner

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all rights reserved


American Wolf Chicago, Illinois


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Track Name: Mahrz
mars, i believe
stares right at me
pulls me forward entirely
came and followed, let me in
lord, do i believe you?
in you?

away with fears
i'm dazed with common sense
fake spheres
a waist i can't embrace

ship me out
into space
let me split
into neon
speed of light
ain't got shit
on my will
can you see now?

will i make it?
it's faster than i ever thought
it's better than i ever thought
it's brighter than i ever thought
it's harder than i ever thought

holding it all
pieces to pieces
with my head high
Track Name: Skin Tight
poorly, i will find you
crumbled, old and primed
beaten, serves you right to
dear god, what are you waiting for?

and i've been waiting on you able
peeled back, skin tight, achy angel

all the time
and i've been feeling older
all the time
and you and i get colder
all the time
Track Name: Open Me
wide awake
star gazing
in my head

oh my god
i've done wrong
will i change?
i think not

(never to be)

open me up
open me
open me up

(never to be on my way)

it's not enough
to never understand
it's not enough
to you or anyone

never to be on your side
i will change in time
never to be on your side
i will change your mind
Track Name: Mother
mother don't you cry
your son is growing up
mother what's it like
to be inside?

and i guess your right

mother i would hate
to give you a bad name
and mother why'd you go?
now i drink you every morning
you're the only thing i know

and i guess they're right
i guess they're all right
i've been dying to tell you
my eyes need some opening too

who am i to say?
it's wrong
it's not
it's who we think we are
when we're alone
we're alone

there's no other place i'd rather be
than having to lay right next to
i figuered it out it's all in sleep
the rest is a mess i just can't fix
but you know that i'll be there

who am i to say?
it's wrong
it's not
it's who we think we are
when we're a lone
we're alone
Track Name: The Secret To Passing Through
do i know thy name?
never the one to fool
sold by gain
one never thought it could
fold for none!
the secret to passing through
star shine bright
and show me the avenue

sweet child of mine
bury your hands in me
come undone
feed me the neighborhood
wear me down
cover the ones who knew
to wear you down
tares me to pieces

only her sight could defeat me
only her mind could defeat me
only her hands could defeat me
only the time could defeat me
only her breath could defeat me
only her bright could defeat me
only her words could defeat me
only her cold could defeat me
Track Name: Phenomenon
kid dissolves in anything
kid you call that letting go?
guide me through my better years
i hope that you notice how i took control
i hope that you notice how i've gotten by my lord

hold my head, i'm fighting all my restless fears
i hope my heart keeps pounding, never stops
i dissapear like an old phenomenon
like an old friend

wait for it
oh can't you tell?
we're all fucked
i recognized you somewhere
just keep in mind
we float on

starry eyed you're falling in
sold your soul for love of sin
like an old phenomenon
like an old friend

holy lord
i'm counting on a life i cannot steer
i stole the light away in hope to
dissapear like old phenomenon
like an old friend
Track Name: Letting You Out
i'm letting you out
all on my own
can't scare me now
not here at home
you're like a disease
spreading like fire
i'm letting you out
no ain't nothing fooling me

you ain't allowed here
don't try a coming
and don't you come near
dogs are a barking
i hate you, my god
why do you try me?
i'm letting you out
don't you come find me

did you really think that i would do that?
did you really think i would care?