tales of kamanakera

by American Wolf

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would like to thank the Zyer family for putting up with us for three months, our family and friends, we couldn't have done it with out ya'll

the tales of kamanakera...


released January 31, 2012

album artwork by Sean McInerney
engineered by Ryan Zyer



all rights reserved


American Wolf Chicago, Illinois


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Track Name: brave new machine
cautiously divine
more than i could bargain
boast, well what am i?
speak with us, vanity

i owe my pride
i owe
a genius
well unnatural
the floor my lord
the floor
it's where i felt comfortable

will i learn in time?
good god what exactly am i?

carefree brave new machine
dive in, fuck gravity

walk me home from bed
come dream
settle in my arms
just sleep
you don't have to die for sins
you can't commit

(get off the cross)
i have seen you before,
in my mind
(holy what a way to go
father what do i become?
a fire little work
a fire little work
faster wash me with your hands
gently, i'll never understand
fear is not enough
fear is not enough)
Track Name: el cielo es azul
for years we've tried to make it work
you've had enough
brawny little you
how i find you in december
every year
you find me here at bay

and i'm waiting through the Fall
aching all the time
you find, yourself a better life
hoping i, well nevermind, nevermind

never to wonder why this came to be
never to find out why the cause
curser of everything you wanted
i dare you to tell me that i'm wrong

tiny, my favorite one
falling an endless fall
lately, i've disappeared
gone to pieces
poor old me

never to wonder why it came to be
never to find out why the cause
curser of everything you wanted
i dare you to tell me that i'm wrong

my place is your place it's alright
entwined in the palm of your hand
even if i said i dont believe in you
would you still let me in?
Track Name: see ya in LA, america
mighty holy ghost i'm under
pressure carries fast you know
here's the door to your creator
listen to the radio

mighty holy master causing
light to disappear and go
i wrote it back and now i'm asking
something that i should've known

faith, does no good, i believe
here, take the line
climb on my boat, row
or float like these dead fish

lay hoping that you'd notice i'm here
alive but not enough

dark times are exactly my fears
do i shine on?

getting to fold my arms
before you
surprise, i'm not a saint

i'm beginning find out love
it starts with your picture
starts when you're all alone
i'm fond of the idea
of becoming a stranger
right at home
oh you sinner
i know what you're feeling
i know that it’s getting old
oh your wisdom
i can see that you're trying
i can see why you're letting go

(getting away from my fingers again)

starving up there with the best of them
only to catch it all
easy does it now don't curl up
sort these devils out
Track Name: muted colors
and i will hold you in feathers
waiting for death to arrive
gold doors open the heavens
turn me right in to wine

hold your child
in the light
oh you've grown
but so have i

meet me down by the river
love was made the first time
sober eyes open widely
come close you know i don't bite

cold hands on this neck of mine
let me breathe through that pillow case
don't stop you're almost there
make room in the holiest place

never again

last time i write for the ones up above
stifle my body in the name of love
don't you weep for my soul, oh lord
this was your doing
it's what had to be done

never again last time i write for them
never again as long as i know
never again last time i write for her
never again as long as i know

oh my god i've seen you divide
Track Name: respect your idols
i've got some hefty plans ,i've got time
i've got some dirty hands and they're all mine
help me paint the picture i love
simple conversation it's easy to hold

(no you're never gonna get it right)

and you squeeze
am i free?
well i was never one to give up

i'm in a constant altered state
i'm so afraid to let it out
i might escape if i embrace
what i create i better not
the wave is tidal, smiths the idol
i just can't complain at all
the rest is what i make
i better start or else i'll be late

i'm ready to go back home
to the house i've built
kiss the face i long
sing the songs i know you love

it's a wonder how i became
and i wonder how i'll behave
i guess it's simple to say
how we mingle in this tiny bed
Track Name: tales of kamanakera
and let this be
my warning
on your way
we’re destroyed
leave us here to waste
we’re all doomed
leave us here to rot away and die

mary at last I’m here

left her entirely bright
and i kept her at peace
do you mind?
if i went to sleep
Track Name: don't shake your head
and to all the awful things I never got to say
well here they come and some are black and some are gray
and white and some don’t have a color
please don’t wonder
why cause I don’t know

the seasons are changing once again
my friends my friends my friends
the seasons are changing once again
and yet I stay the same
and I try I try I try
sometimes I get it right
oh I try I try I try
just not for you

by the way
my desire to defend has taken bait
and again it pleases me to see you clean and well
I can tell you wiped off your lips
all i can hope now
is the same thing
happens to me

and I wonder what I’ll be
and I wonder what I’ll see
places that you said that we would get to go
we won’t
people that you said I would get to know
well I never will